Make smarter decisions with Business-Ready Data in Tableau

Automatically enrich Tableau with all of your marketing data using Funnel’s direct integration.

Solution overview

Learn how to enrich Tableau with all of your marketing data using Funnel's direct connector. This video provides an introduction to Funnel, why we created a direct Tableau integration, and what the benefits are. We also dive into Tableau to show you what’s possible with Business-Ready Data!

Benefits of using Funnel’s direct Tableau integration

Funnel takes messy, siloed data from all marketing platforms to automatically generate Business-Ready Data that is fully harmonized, up-to-date and always ready for analysis in Tableau.

Automated data collection

With access to over 500 out-of-the-box connections, connecting your marketing platforms to Tableau is simple. Click, connect, and let Funnel take care of the rest.

Data transformation and cleaning made easy

You can automatically clean, map and segment your marketing data in Funnel prior to connecting your data source to Tableau, by utilising Funnel’s powerful yet intuitive data transformation tools.

Data accessible throughout Tableau’s ecosystem

Automatically sync all of your marketing data with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online and Tableau Server. You can also export your data to any other tool or destination your company is using.

A single source of truth for all of your marketing data

Not only does Funnel centralise all of your marketing data, we also update the data frequently and take historic changes into consideration. You don’t have to worry about data freshness ever again.

Customisable data sources and exports

After connecting your marketing platforms to Funnel, you can create and customise multiple data sources/views which contain relevant data for the analysis that you are conducting.

Safe and secure

Security and reliability is our number one priority. The data is encrypted during transfer and rest, we’ve had 99.99% uptime during the last 3 years, we’re GDPR compliant, and we can sign service level agreements if needed. Our security focused development teams ensure that your data is always safe.

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How it works

Connect your platforms to Funnel

Over 500 platforms available

Configure your export

Select fields, currencies and optional filters

Connect Funnel to Tableau

Analyse and visualise your data

Show me how it works

Create automated marketing dashboards with ease

Empower the marketing department by enabling them to conduct analysis and create dashboards without relying on internal IT resources. Funnel makes it simple for anyone in the organization to get the most out of their data from the very beginning.

Data warehouse or no data warehouse, we’ve got you covered!

Funnel integrates with all major data warehouse solutions, which means that you have the option to feed your data through your existing storage facility or directly to Tableau.

Data Warehouse Connections

  1. “Funnel has streamlined everything. It’s tidy, easy to use and reliable. It’s definitely an improvement from our previous setup”

    Kate Belford
    SEM Manager,

    “It just works in the background and it doesn’t cause any trouble whatsoever. Data is always pulled across in a timely fashion and it’s downloaded quickly.”

    Roger Fletton
    Head of Engineering,
    Havas Media UK

    “Across all channels and markets, Funnel has become my single source of truth.”

    Christos Stavropoulos
    Product Lead - Marketing Automation,

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Data transformation with the business user in mind

Funnel empowers the business user by removing the need for coding and SQL queries. Easily transform, map and clean the data by creating flexible and intuitive rules. Funnel also preserves the raw data, so you don't lose any granularity or flexibility.

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Data sources

Data from over 500 marketing and advertising platforms