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Dance with data

Welcome to the world of advanced marketing analytics — where your marketing data powers your success. Speak with us to discover the perfect two-step for your needs.

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What is advanced marketing analytics?

Put simply, it’s the convergence of marketing data with advanced technology like AI. It’s more than just understanding your past moves — it’s about gathering insights that give you the confidence for your next bold step.


Marketing attribution

Let data take the lead and show you where your marketing is creating the greatest return.

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Marketing automation

Simplify your life and save your energy. Learn how data can be choreographed to open up your potential.

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Artificial intelligence

Don’t be scared of technology. Instead, learn its limitations and understand how it can become your partner.

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Marketing mix modeling

Discover how a shift in ad volume can lead to a symphony of insights. 

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Funnel makes advanced marketing analytics simple


Measurement that matters

We love it when performance data takes the lead in guiding the next marketing move, but the measurement required can be hard to pull off. That's why we've built a strong partner network of industry experts. Together, we'll guide you through:

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    Multi-touch attribution

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    Marketing mix modeling

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    Incrementality testing

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Easy breezy data handling

Making sure all of your data is in lockstep couldn't be easier — thanks to Funnel.

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    Automatically download the latest data from your platforms

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    One-click currency conversions

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    Continuously share data to your preferred destinations


Is your data ready for AI?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools require large sets of well-organized data. Ensure that your performance data meets the bar for the most advanced tools.

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It takes two (or more) to tango...

Our network of partners can help you take your advanced marketing analysis to the next level. Check out some of their stories below, and when you're ready, we'll help match you to the perfect partner for your needs.

Premium Solution Partner
Basic-Fit's 10x marketing leap with Funnel

By offering a cost-efficient zero maintenance out-of-the-box solution to integrate a wide range of media, ad tech, and data platforms, Funnel has helped us to create a 360 view of our marketing effectiveness.

Thomas van Mastbergen
Digital Marketing Director


Global Solution Partner
Data is leading the way at Regatta

The reality is that Funnel is much cheaper than in-house solutions. (In-house solutions) do not work out best for the customer because it ends up being more expensive. And not only that, they break and when they do break, you need specialists to come in and fix it, which takes time. Funnel never breaks.

Glenn Tamkin
Consulting Manager


Premium Solution Partner
How Sephora cut costs and enhanced insights

Funnel has become our preferred tool for integrating marketing data, we think it is the industry leader in the category. For our client, Sephora, Funnel has saved us 75% of our data processing costs.

Hamis Badarou
Chief Analytics Officer


Premium Solution Partner
Van De Velde halves costs with Funnel

Funnel has allowed us to easily group all data from our paid media channels and make it quickly accessible for the development of dashboards. It has helped us to visualize the data points we want to use to effectively make better marketing decisions. And this is only the start.

Kevin Penne
Marketing Automation Specialist

Van de Velde

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Are you ready to further immerse yourself in the world of advanced marketing analytics? Check out our series of shorts that uncover the best tips and tricks.

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