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Published Jun 29 2023 1 minute read Last updated Mar 26 2024
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  • Sean Dougherty
    Written by Sean Dougherty

    A copywriter at Funnel, Sean has more than 15 years of experience working in branding and advertising (both agency and client side). He's also a professional voice actor.

That's right. You can now start using Funnel to collect, store, transform, and share your data for free!

It's part of our effort to help marketers for businesses of all shapes and sizes to work more effectively with their marketing data.

"Our conviction is that marketers are the experts of their craft and that regardless of organizational setup or budget size, they should be able to own, run, and scale their marketing platform from start to finish. Other free marketing data tools are often manual and prone to error, while more advanced solutions are only accessible for larger companies and require coding competence or large budgets. Funnel’s free plan is easy to use, reliable, automated, and accessible to all. Having business and AI-ready data at your fingertips lays a foundation for developing a data-driven culture in marketing organizations,” said Funnel CEO, Fredrik Skantze.

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What is included in the free plan?

Our free plan comes with 350 Flexpoints and up to five users. This equates to about two data source connections, two data destination connections, or four data sources and one destination. (Basically, you can pull data from your favorite marketing platforms or channels, store it, and send it where you need it.)

All of our Core Connectors are available in the free plan, including popular platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Advertising.

Meanwhile, the data destinations included in the free plan are Looker Studio, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel.

Marketers need better marketing data tools

Funnel is on a mission to empower marketers to make truly data-driven decisions.

With Funnel’s marketing data hub, all marketing data is connected, stored, organized, and shared in one single place, eliminating complexity and making it easy for marketers to work with their data. By offering everyone the first-ever free version of the hub, Funnel makes it possible for companies of all sizes to embrace a data-driven approach, fostering growth and innovation – and ultimately letting marketers focus on what they do best.

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