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Why you need an SEO performance dashboard

Published Jan 19 2022 1 minute read Last updated Sep 13 2023
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Are you using an organic SEO dashboard? Today, let's discuss the importance of SEO dashboards. You probably have dashboards for paid marketing and web performance, as well as a high-level overview dashboard for your marketing efforts. However, have you considered having one for SEO as well? 


Similar to paid marketing, SEO is measured, validated, and planned based on data points. To create a data-driven SEO strategy, you need to understand what is driving organic performance or hindering it by looking at data from multiple platforms like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Semrush or Ahrefs. An SEO dashboard also promotes cross-collaboration between teams by showing trends and indicating what keywords or content could be beneficial to explore further. 

For example, an SEO dashboard can help your content team identify what content is of interest to your potential customers, or highlight which topics or types of content are converting better than others. Additionally, SEO data allows you to benchmark against your competitors and see how you're ranking in comparison to them. 

Ultimately, it's important to consider SEO across your business initiatives, as it will improve your organic potential in the long run.

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