“Before Funnel, we were 100% looking in the rear-view mirror – and now we’re looking out the front window to see what’s coming” 

- Nick Cudahy - Director of Group Media Performance & Growth at Digicel

Executive summary:

By incorporating Funnel into its reporting process, Digicel Group has revolutionized its budget management, pacing, and performance reporting across 12 brands and 26 markets. The new system reduced end-of-month reconciliation from 4-5 days to under 48 hours and eliminated errors. The transition has enabled the media operations team to focus on performance improvements and upskilling, leading to year-on-year KPI improvements across all campaign types.

Key results:

  • Real-time budget and pacing overview across 12 brands, 26 markets, and all campaigns, reducing the reporting time from 2-3 days.
  • Streamlined end-of-month reconciliation to sub-48 hours, eliminating errors.
  • Automated real-time performance marketing reports, removing the need for manual data stitching.
  • Enabled the media operations team to focus on performance improvements and skill development.

Company profile:

Digicel is a Digital Operator consisting of 12 brands, operating across 26 markets worldwide. The company is headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, and has 5000 employees across the world serving 10 million customers.

Data stack:

Connectors: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, DV360, Twitter Ads, and more. 

Export destinations: Google Data Studio and Google Sheets

The challenge: Overcoming scale and complexity

Digicel faced a multitude of challenges due to its rapid growth and complexity in serving both corporate and regional levels across 26 markets. The primary issues were time-consuming budget management, unreliable reporting, and an inability to deliver insightful, revenue-impacting metrics to stakeholders.

Traditional methods like Excel spreadsheets proved inefficient, and manual report creation was error-prone and took until mid-week to become available, by which point the data was outdated due to budget changes. 

The solution: Automation and streamlined processes with Funnel

After recognizing the inefficiency of their existing system, Nick Cudahy, Director of Group Media Performance & Growth at Digicel and his team decided to dedicate time and resources to streamline their processes. Nick recalls: “For us, it was the classic: I don’t have time to invest in a better solution, because the current process takes so much time. So, it was a chicken-and-egg scenario,”.

After incorporating Funnel in its processes, Digicel redesigned its campaign naming conventions for better cross-platform comparisons, thus laying the foundation for automated, real-time reports. The immediate result was a more efficient system that allowed the team to focus on forecasting and delivering metrics that were valuable to stakeholders, such as automated and accurate revenue and lead numbers, instead of being bogged down my manual work. 

The results: A paradigm shift in reporting and performance

The implementation of Funnel led to transformative changes in Digicel's reporting and operational culture. Not only did it reduce the burden of manual data collection and report generation, but it also allowed the team to deliver hard KPIs like revenue and lead numbers in real-time.

This new focus on forward-looking strategies and more impactful metrics has fostered a culture of continual improvement, reflected in the year-on-year KPI improvements across all campaigns.

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Funnel interviewed

Nick Cudahy

Nick Cudahy - Director of Group Media Performance & Growth at Digicel