Start building your Google Data Studio dashboards in minutes!

Supercharge your Google Data Studio into a great Business Intelligence tool with Funnel. Best of all, you won't need to spend thousands of dollars on one.

Clean and stitch together your data in Funnel like a wizard. So that you can focus instead on creating your great dashboards and enjoy the insights - abracadabra!

With Funnel, you can collect and select the data you need from any marketing platform. Prep the data in seconds and send it to Google Data Studio.

With an enabled Funnel account, you get direct access to Data Studio. Funnel combines the exact Dimensions and Metrics you have already set up in your Funnel account. When you have reviewed all your fields, you hit "create report" and start adding widgets. That's when data visualization magic starts to happen.

Thanks to Funnel, your dashboards will respond, refresh and update faster. Why? Cause Funnel is the mother source, sending analysis-ready data to the main stage.

How does it work?

Add your accounts to Funnel

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Get Business-Ready Data

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Connect to Data Studio



The benefits


Seamless integration 

Sending your data to Google Data Studio is easy peasy. Connect your Funnel account from the Google Data Studio Connector Marketplace and start building your dashboards with all the data you need - voila!


Stitch together data 

Combine data from all your platforms into a single table or chart without using Data Studio's blending features. You do all this work in Funnel, so it's good to go when it reaches Google Data Studio.


Faster reports

Create smaller data sets of prepped data to send to Google Data Studio to help your reports run faster. Funnel allows you to select and ship only the data you need in each report.


Up-to-date dashboards 

Funnel automatically syncs new data with Google Data Studio, keeping your dashboards fresh and up to date.


Seeing is believing

Spreadsheets are helpful for data crunching and looking up specific numbers for analysis. Yet, they're not great for understanding the bigger picture for decision-makers.

Don't bombard your boss or clients with a monster spreadsheet of data. Instead, make your findings understood with intelligent data visualization.

Google Data Studio gives you the flexibility to create any dashboard. While with Funnel, you can pull and clean the data from all sources without thinking about it. What's cool - it takes only minutes to get up and run.