Unleash the potential of Microsoft Power BI

Save time, take control, and own your marketing data with Funnel’s direct integration to Microsoft Power BI.


Get all of your data into Power BI in seconds

Do you need to rely on other technical teams to handle your data, causing delays in your workflow? Now, you can send your latest data sets to Power BI with Funnel’s new Microsoft approved connector. Speed up your processes and ensure stability.


Making data easy

Funnel helps you to simplify your data collection by connecting to hundreds of marketing and advertising platforms seamlessly.


Automated blending

Data blending doesn’t need to be time consuming. With one direct connection, Funnel sends all of your data straight into Power BI.


Data ownership

Funnel’s integration with Power BI gives you full control so you have the right data in the right place at the right time. Every time.

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Funnel’s connection makes it fast and easy to get your data from all sources into Power BI.

Ruth Pozuelo Martinez

Microsoft Power BI Consultant and host of the Curbal Youtube Channel with over 90k subscribers

Without Funnel 

kryss-1   Issues with 3rd-party connectors 

kryss-1   Limited blending data

kryss-1  Slow dashboard performance

kryss-1    Missing data

With Funnel 

check   Connections to 500+ platforms 

check   Unlimited data blending capabilities

check   Faster dashboard performance

check   Data always up to date 

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