Data driven decision making

Create a culture built on data

Take your organization to new heights and make decisions you can trust.

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create a culture built on data

Let your data show you the way

Monitor the metrics that matter

Funnel allows you to collect and work with the data that is relevant for your business. Either being CRM, ecom or any other data.

The proof is in the pudding

By treating data as a strategic asset, you gain a clear vision of why your performance succeeded and where you still have room to improve.

Your light in the storm

As you increase your organization’s data maturity, you can put it to incredible use and help guide your business through even the roughest economic waters.

Better decisions, more confidence

Greater data capabilities allow you to employ more advanced analysis and modelling, which helps you gain confidence and foresight in your decisions.

A marketing data hub will take you there

You need a Marketing Data Hub

You’re only as good as your data

Data is everywhere. You need to harness it and make it work for you. Connect data from every corner of your marketing ecosystem. It’s only through this total view that you can gain the most accurate insights and knowledge.

Now you’re speaking my language

Quick and effective analysis requires that all of your data speaks the same language — both figuratively and literally. Our ready-made transformations make your data harmonious in a matter of clicks, without any coding required.

Seamless and trusted integration

Funnel is a solution built by, and for, marketers. We remove the bottlenecks from more traditional data handling systems and put marketing teams in control while also enabling seamless integration with technical teams.

A better, faster, more data-driven world

By removing obstacles, enabling more agility, and putting the focus on data, you’re able to push your marketing teams to the next level. A marketing data hub helps you create a culture that uses data to accurately predict the future.

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