Automatically fetch all metrics and dimensions from all your Google AdWords accounts and feed it to any tool you want.

Metrics and dimension

Our Google Ads connector supports:

  • Campaign level data
  • Ad Group level data
  • Ad level data

Look at our complete list of dimensions and metrics or feel free to contact us.

Benefits & Use Cases

Analyze your Google Ads performance

Analyze the performance of your Google Ads campaigns based on any metric or dimension.

Calculate ROI of your Google Ads campaigns

By combining Google Ads spend data with conversion data from your tracking platform you can see and compare the ROI of all your campaigns.

Create custom dashboards with all your Google Ads data

Easily build dashboard with all your Google Ads data in your Business Intelligence system, dashboard solution, or any other tool you want.

Calculate Lifetime value

By combining Google Ads data with your CRM data you can calculate the lifetime value of customers coming in through each campaign.

Feed your Google Ads data into your data warehouse

Would you like all your Google Ads data in your data warehouse? We've got you covered. Funnel your data into any data warehouse in minutes.

Cross compare Google Ads data with other advertising platforms

Compare how your Google Ads campaigns are performing compared to your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or any other campaign.