With Funnel, you can analyze the performance of all your XING Ads together with other marketing channels quickly. Below you’ll find the benefits of XING together with a data tool like Funnel. XING has recently launched their API and the connections are continuously being added. 

Why XING Ads?

XING has over 20 million members in the DACH region. It is the leading professional networking platform in the region and all members are genuine and business-savvy. The platform offers precise targeting for its advertising products based on real user data rather than estimates. XING has a regional focus and is perceived as being high quality and trustworthy due to its GDPR compliance and German origin.

If you want to reach professional audiences in the DACH region, XING is the platform to use!  


Why use Funnel to collect your XING Ads data?

While the XING AdManager is a great tool, as your paid social strategy goes beyond XING, it may be hard to get a holistic view of your marketing spend. Your ad reporting will also become complex and time-consuming as you add channels to your marketing mix.

Oftentimes, you may want to move your XING data somewhere else rather than accessing it only within XING’s own platform. 

Funnel automatically uploads all your data across marketing platforms and makes it ready for you to act on. Just think of the number of times you’d have to download data from your various platforms and put that data together to analyze. Save yourself time by using Funnel.

Benefits of the XING Ads API with Funnel

Analyze your XING Ads performance

Analyze the performance of your XING Ads campaigns based on any metric or dimension.

Calculate ROI across platforms

By combining XING Ads spend data with conversion data from your tracking platform, you can see and compare the ROI of all your campaigns.

Create custom dashboards with all your XING Ads data

Visualize your cross-channel ad performance in your Business Intelligence system, dashboard solution, or any other tool you want.

Calculate Lifetime Value

By combining XING Ads data with your CRM data, you can calculate the lifetime value of customers coming in through each campaign.

Feed your XING Ads data into your data warehouse

Would you like to get all your XING Ads data into your data warehouse? We’ve got you covered. Funnel your data into any data warehouse in minutes.

Cross compare XING Ads data with other advertising platforms

Compare how your XING Ads campaigns performance compared to your other marketing channels. More importantly, when you do a side-by-side platform and channel analysis, you better understand user behavior, ad performance, and demographics.