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Turn your data into actionable insights and obtain a complete overview of your marketing channels, by automating data collection and transformation from all of your advertising, sales, and marketing platforms.

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  1. “We strongly recommend Funnel to everyone running multi-market ecommerce.”

    Henrik Segersven

    “With a growing pool of paid media channels, Funnel is providing necessary insights about our marketing investment.”

    Peter Wouters
    Web Analytics Marketeer,

    “Funnel has visualised our digital KPIs and this has helped us make more effective marketing decisions ever since.”

    Thomas van Mastbergen
    Head of Digital Marketing,

    “Funnel saves us 8-10 hours per month and has allowed us to eliminate up to 60% of our marketing costs in specific areas.”

    Anwar Ayad
    Online Marketing,

How it works

Connect your data sources to Funnel

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Create meaningful data sets

Without complex formulas or IT assistance

Automate dashboards & Reports

In any visualisation or BI tool you wish

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Benefits for Ecommerce Companies

Every successful Ecommerce company relies on various platforms to attract customers and make sales, but consolidating data from different channels is a demanding task. Here are a few examples of how automating this process with Funnel’s Data Core is beneficial.

Create a single source of truth for all your data

By having all of your data, cleaned and normalized in a single place, you can easily obtain a comprehensive overview of costs, revenue and performance.

Automatic ROI and Cost of Sales calculation across all marketing platforms and markets

By centralizing all of your tracking, sales and marketing data, it’s easy to calculate ROI and Cost of Sales automatically.

Automate the reporting process

Automatically feed your Business-Ready data into the dashboard or visualization tool of your choice. Your data is always up to date, available when you need it, and accessible to the whole team.

Automated currency conversion and field normalization

Tired of manually converting currency and normalizing fields across a large number of platforms in spreadsheets? Automate this process in Funnel with a click of a button.

Calculate your own KPI’s by creating custom metrics & dimensions

With access to transformation tools that are made for the business user, you can create meaningful KPIs without complex formulas or coding.

Automatic product performance reports

Create rules in Funnel to automatically group and compare the performance of your product, across all of your advertising channels and markets.

Automated Ecommerce Reports & Dashboards

Create automated ecommerce dashboards that paint a clear picture of how your business, marketing, customer acquisition, and other KPIs are performing, in any tool you like!

Combine online and offline transactions in a single dashboard

Track all your ecommerce marketing KPIs in one overview dashboard

Easily compare and monitor marketing cost and revenue by market

Monitor ecommerce marketing performance by market in a multi-market dashboard

Track and monitor both your organic traffic and paid traffic in one ecommerce dashboard

Funnel integrates with all marketing and advertising platforms used by successful ecommerce businesses

See all data sources

Gain valuable insights and maximize your ecommerce marketing ROI with Funnel

Maximise marketing ROI by ideal budget allocation

Funnel combines advertising and revenue data to identify your winners and losers so that you can re-allocate your budget accordingly. Accurate ecommerce reports provide actionable insights that will help you to continuously increase your digital marketing ROI and customer acquisition metrics.

Ecommerce dashboard

Prove ROI with shared ecommerce marketing reporting dashboards

What is the ROI of this marketing platform and market? Instead of creating ad hoc customer acquisition reports when asked these familiar questions, you could just share a link to individual automated dashboards for each of your stakeholders, which only contains the data they need. Funnel is easy to setup, easy to use, and always up to date.

Ecommerce dashboard

Save internal resources for tasks that only humans can do

You can only see the real performance of your marketing activities by centralising your ecommerce data. This means that you’re probably spending a large number of valuable hours on data entry. Funnel automatically feeds and normalizes the data from all of your marketing platforms to your choice of destination, so you can focus on higher value activities such as, campaign optimization and channel performance.

Ecommerce dashboard

Benefits across the organization

Digital Marketing

  • Meaningful data set you can access at will.
  • Always understand impact of investments.
  • Experiment/update business logic without coding or IT support.

Marketing Analytics

  • Data normalized, harmonized – no more stitching.
  • Preserves full data granularity.
  • Work in the data visualization tool of your choice.

Data Analytics/BI

  • Fully modular with direct integrations to all major data warehouses and business intelligence tools.
  • Data from all of your sources, fetched and preserved in full granularity.

IT Team/ Engineering

  • Free up resources by reducing project backlog for building/maintaining data source connectors and aggregators.
  • Reduce number of marketing support requests.

Case Study

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“Funnel brought our reporting to the next level. Before using Funnel, we were doing analysis only on conversion rates. With Funnel, I’m looking at ROI.”

Mark Bosold,
Head of Analytics & BI

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Frequently asked questions

What data sources does Funnel Support?

Funnel can pull in data from any platform you utilise, irrespective of what they are. We currently have the largest number of out-of-the box integrations on the market, with the ability to pull data automatically from over 500 data sources. Once your sources are connected, you can utilise the data in any tool you like!

Do you need to install tracking code to use Funnel?

No tracking data is required to use Funnel, as we pull in data that you’ve already acquired. We pull your website tracking data from your tracking platform such as, Google or Adobe Analytics. Funnel doesn’t require coding, IT involvement, and there’s no lock in.

Does Funnel work if I advertise for more than one website or in more than one country?

Funnel supports an unlimited number of websites, markets and ad accounts. We even convert currencies for you.

Can I see data retroactively in Funnel?

Yes, Funnel pulls historic data from all of your data sources. We can go back as far as you like, providing the platform allows us to.

Where can I visualize my data?

Funnel allows you to visualize your data anywhere you want. You can create digital marketing dashboards and ecommerce reports in Funnel or upload your data to Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Data Studio or into your data warehouse or BI solution.