Ecommerce reports that truly reflect your business model

Go beyond Google Analytics to truly understand your ecommerce business and the performance of different marketing activities like customer acquisition you need accurate ecommerce reports that gather and utilize data from all data sources.

Ecommerce reports

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Used by leading data-driven ecommerce businesses

“Thanks to Funnel, we increased Return On Advertising Spend by 43% in 12 months. I can hardly remember what life was like before Funnel.”

Alberto Toso
Head of Digital Marketing

Build your ecommerce marketing reporting stack

Having an automated marketing reporting stack in place is vital for surviving in today’s competitive online shopping landscape. A well-designed marketing reporting stack, with all all of your marketing and advertising data, packaged into an easy-to-use ecommerce report will help you understand your business and give you valuable insights on what is working in your ecommerce marketing and what isn’t.

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Ecommerce marketing

Ecommerce and retail marketing reporting

Create an ecommerce dashboard that paints a clearer picture of how your business, marketing, customer acquisition, and other KPIs are performing in any tool you like. Gone are the days of simple Google ecommerce reporting- tie in metrics from every platform your business uses.

Track all your ecommerce marketing KPIs in one overview dashboard

Easily compare and monitor marketing cost and revenue by market

Monitor ecommerce marketing performance by market in a multi-market dashboard

Track and monitor both your organic traffic and paid traffic in one ecommerce dashboard

Funnel integrates with all marketing and advertising platforms used by successful ecommerce businesses

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Gain valuable insights and maximize your ecommerce marketing ROI with Funnel ecommerce reports

Maximise marketing ROI by ideal budget allocation

Funnel combines advertising and revenue data to identify your winners and losers so that you can re-allocate your budget accordingly. Accurate ecommerce reports provide actionable insights that will help you to continuously increase your digital marketing ROI and customer acquisition metrics.

Ecommerce dashboard

Prove ROI with shared ecommerce marketing reporting dashboards

What is the ROI of [add marketing platform]? Instead of cooking up ad hoc customer acquisition reports when asked the familiar question you could just share your funnel marketing reporting dashboards to all stakeholders with the data they need. A quick and easy to use reporting tool that’s always up to date.

Ecommerce dashboard

Save the man hours for stuff only humans can do

Only by having all your ecommerce marketing data in one place can you see the real performance of your marketing activities. Therefore you're probably spending loads of valuable hours on data entry. We know this, and therefore we automate data collection from all your advertising sources, no matter what they are, into one ecommerce dashboard.

Ecommerce dashboard

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“Funnel brought our reporting to the next level. Before using Funnel, we were doing analysis only on conversion rates. With Funnel, I’m looking at ROI.”

Mark Bosold,
Head of Analytics & BI

What our customers say about Funnel

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  1. "Funnel gives me peace of mind. I have full control of advertising spend across all my ad channels and save multiple hours a week."

    Peter von Knobloch
    Online Marketing Manager,

    "Funnel saves us 8-10 hours per month and has allowed us to eliminate up to 60% of our marketing costs in specific areas."

    Anwar Ayad
    Online Marketing, TecTake

  2. "We strongly recommend Funnel to everyone running multi-market ecommerce."

    Henrik Segersven
    CEO, Chloes

    "Within an hour of signing up for Funnel, we automated weekly reporting for all 40 of our clients."

    Michael Taylor
    Co-founder & COO, Ladder

Frequently asked questions

What data sources does Funnel support?

Funnel will pull data from all your advertising platforms, irrespective of what they are. From the start and out of the box. Integrating with advertising platforms is what we do. Create simple, effective ecommerce reports with ease.
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Do you need to install a tracking code to use Funnel?

No. We only pull in and report on the data that you already have. We get website tracking data from your Google Analytics account and advertising data from the advertising platforms you use. No code to install. No IT involvement. No lock in.

Does Funnel work if I advertise for more than one website or in more than one country?

Funnel supports an unlimited number of websites, markets and ad accounts. We even convert currencies for you.

Can I see data retroactively in Funnel?

Yes. Because Funnel pulls down data from your advertising platforms and Google Analytics account we can report as far back as you have data in these accounts.

Where can i visualize my data?

Funnel ecommerce reports allow you to visualize your data anywhere you want. You can create digital marketing dashboards and ecommerce reports in Funnel or upload your data to Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Data Studio or into your data warehouse or BI system.