Amazon, Semrush, StackAdapt - here are our Connector updates for March

Last updated Apr 3 2023 1 minute read

New fields added for Amazon, Semrush, StackAdapt and more – here are our Connector updates for March 2023.

Amazon Ads

The following metrics have been added to the "Sponsored Brands" report category:

  • Video Views 25%
  • Video Views 50%
  • Video Views 75%
  • Video Views 100%
  • Video Views 5 Seconds
  • Video Unmutes

Amazon Selling Partner

We have now added a report type called "Sales and Traffic" to Amazon Selling Partner (list of metrics here).


We have added eight new reports within the "Domains area":

  • Domain Competitors in Organic Search
  • Domain Competitors in Paid Search
  • Domain Organic Search Keywords
  • Domain Organic Pages
  • Domain Organic Subdomains
  • Domain Paid Search Keywords
  • Domain PLA Search Keywords
  • Domain vs. Domain


We have created a new report type: Insight. This new report type comes with six new breakdown selections and dimensions:

  • Audience
  • Categories
  • Device type
  • Geo (Country & Region)
  • Supply source
  • Demographics

And five new metrics:

  • Conversion clicks
  • Conversion cookie
  • Conversion IP
  • Time on site
  • Engagement rate

We have also added Conversion Tracker for the Delivery Stats report. This new breakdown comes with the following new dimensions:

  • Conversion tracker
  • Conversion Type
  • Count Type

Google Analytics GA4

We have added the new metric “Average session duration”.


We have added a new field: Talent Leads - Number of leads captured through a talent media campaign.


In the Audience report, the existing field Country (which contained "Country code", e.g. US or TW) is now replaced by two new fields: Country Code (showing e.g. US) and Country/Region (showing e.g. United States).

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