AppNexus - New dimensions

Last updated Aug 3 2021 1 minute read
  • Gustav Karlsson
    Written by Gustav Karlsson

    Gustav joined Funnel in 2017 and works as a Product Manager

The AppNexus connector in Funnel has received an update with several new dimensions.

New dimensions:

  • Line item impressions budget daily
  • Line item impressions budget lifetime
  • Line item revenue budget daily (advertiser currency)
  • Line item revenue budget lifetime (advertiser currency)

The new fields are added to the Network Advertiser Analytics and Network Analytics reports, and all connected data sources with those reports have been updated to include the new fields going forward. For historical data you're welcome to reach out to us and we'll help you out. 

Take a look at the What data can I get from AppNexus? knowledge base article for a full list of fields. 

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