Appsflyer, Adform, Ingenious: New fields for May

Last updated Jun 9 2022 1 minute read

During May, several core connectors have been expanded with new reports, metrics and dimensions. Here are some of the updates released


New dimensions added to the SKAdNetwork performance report:
- Adset
- Adset ID
- Ad
- Ad ID

New metrics:
- Earned Reach
- Swipe Up Rate
- Conversion metrics available for all combinations of app/web/offline/total + swipe/view/total for regular report

New dimension:
- DMA name

Funnel now supports the "Probabilistic Report". It attributes Conversions and Cost based on probabilistic matching.

Google Ads
The Shopping Performance report now supports Product type (1-5)

New report:
- User Location View

"Campaign" and "Ad Group" are now available as levels when connecting a new source.

Several new time windows have been made available in the Reach and frequency report. It's now possible to connect with windows: 1, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 and Month to Date and Lifetime

Some fields have been renamed to better reflect the naming used in the TikTok GUI:
- “Product details page browse” —> “Total View Content (Page Event)”
- “Page Browse” —> “Total Page View”
- “Subscribe (Total No.)” —> “Total Subscribe (In-App Event)”
- “Purchase (Total No.)” —> “Total Purchase (In-App Event)”

New metric:
- "Total Place an Order Value" is now available in Basic standard report.

Our Quantcast connector has been updated in accordance with the Quantcast API. This means we now support dimensions:
- Age
- Country
- Device Type
- Gender
- Region

DV360 / DoubleClick Bid Manager
Campaign Manager 360 / DoubleClick Campaign Manager
We've improved the availability of time windows for these two connectors. We've also changed the naming in our connect dialogs to "Reach & frequency".

Added two fields to the Media Banner report:
- Measurable Impressions
- Viewable Impressions

New dimensions:
- User value 1
- User value 2
- User value 3
- User value 4

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