Product updates for August

Last updated Nov 7 2023 1 minute read

Summer is officially over by entering September, and what a summer it’s been! But we’re now so ready for a fall FULL of development and new updates to Funnel. Let’s kick things off with the latest updates from August, presented by Robin from the Partner team:

Introducing Quick Explore: explore your data using Funnel AI 

Quick Explore helps you do ad-hoc analysis and find insights in your data faster than ever. Just tell Quick Explore what you would like to see, and you will get suggestions for fields, saved Views, and templates. Quick Explore is powered by Funnel AI, Funnel’s generative AI, that you will soon find in more places throughout Funnel. 

Copy Data Shares between Workspaces 

It’s now possible to import Data Shares from another Workspace with a simple click of a button! This new update is similar to what already exists for Data Warehouse Shares and Google Sheets Shares and will make your work smoother if you work across multiple Workspaces!

Show changed formula

An info bubble in the field list on the Data Share status page, shows if a formula metric has changed in Funnel but not in the Data Share because of stable schemas. No more data mismatches between the Data Explorer and your reports in Looker Studio! 

Simplified headers and data pickers for Google Sheets and File Import sources

The “data preview” tables within the configuration sections have been merged and restyled to make it easier to define rows which contain headers and where the data starts. With this new table and way of selecting these options, we hope you can save time and minimize any initial configuration mistakes. 

New fields and report types

We’ve got new updates to connectors like 2Performant, Apple Search Ads and Snapchat. Be sure to check out the product updates blog for the comprehensive list!

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