Connector news for October: Tradedoubler, Yelp and Appsflyer

Last updated Dec 6 2022 1 minute read


Our Tradedoubler connector has been updated to use the latest API version.
Deprecated Metrics. This means we've been able to add the following fields:

Category ID
Site Country Code
iLeads Commission (Publisher)
iLeads Commission (Tradedoubler)
Impressions Commission (Publisher)
Impressions Commission (Tradedoubler)
iSales Commission (Publisher)
iSales Commission (Tradedoubler)
Leads Commission (Publisher)
Leads Commission (Tradedoubler)
Sales Commission (Publisher)
Sales Commission (Tradedoubler)
Unique ImpressionsCommission (Publisher)
Unique ImpressionsCommission (Tradedoubler)
Unique ImpressionsCommission
Unique Visitors Commission (Publisher)
Unique Visitors Commission (Tradedoubler)
Unique Visitors Commission
Clicks Commission (Publisher)
Clicks Commission (Tradedoubler)
Unique Impressions (1 day)
Unique Visitors (1 day)

The following fields have been deprecated:

Order Value Sales
iSale Order Value


We have improved the process of connecting data sources with our Yelp connector.

Clients can now provide a comma-separated list of Yelp business IDs upon connect, making it easy to batch-connect multiple Yelp locations to Funnel.


Three new fields have been added for Raw data reports: Event time, Install time and Attributed touch time.

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