Custom Dimensions can now Split by a delimiter without using Regex

Last updated Feb 4 2021 1 minute read

Many of our users have the need of split out fragments of a string, e.g. a campaign name, to create custom dimensions based on fragments of that string. This has been possible to do in Funnel for a long time, but knowledge of Regex has been required. 

We just released a new function called Split by that allows you to split out fragments from a string by simply typing the delimiter used in that string.

Below is an example of you want to split by '|' ignoring spaces and get the 2nd value with RegEx and with split by. Both of these operators will give you the same end result.

Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 07.16.06To make this clearer, let's take an example of a campaign name where we want to split out the second fragment where | is the delimiter, 

Campaign name: 
 EU | search | generic | roas


If you have any thoughts or questions, please reach out to and we're happy to help!

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