Data Explorer - New default table

Last updated Mar 1 2021 1 minute read
  • Gustav Karlsson
    Written by Gustav Karlsson

    Gustav joined Funnel in 2017 and works as a Product Manager

The data that is displayed when you enter the Data Explorer for the first time has been updated and adapts to the data sources you have connected in your account.

Skärmavbild 2021-03-01 kl. 15.04.55To make it easier to understand the data transformation capabilities within Funnel the Traffic Source dimension is now displayed together with the Data Source dimension. Apart from this we have added the Clicks metric and relevant tracking metrics. Exactly which tracking metric that is displayed depends on the tracking/analytics data sources you have connected within the account (e.g. Google Analytics or Adjust).

We hope that these changes will make the Data Explorer default view more relevant to your specific use case. If you have any questions or feedback you're welcome to reach out to us via


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