Product updates from February

Last updated Mar 5 2024 1 minute read

Spring is around the corner here in Sweden! That means more (and much needed) sunlight coming into our lives. We hope that we can shine some of that positivity on your day with the latest product updates from Funnel! February’s updates are presented by Emma, a Funnel product manager. Let’s have a look:

New Core Connector: Integral Ad Science (IAS)

Integral-Ad-Science (1) 1

We’re thrilled to announce a new Core Connector, which is also our first ad fraud connector: Integral Ad Science (IAS). IAS is a globally recognized leader in media measurement and optimization. This integration empowers Funnel users with IAS’s data to ensure that their ads are reaching real people while being displayed in the most suitable and safe environments. Read more about how to connect IAS and what data you can get into Funnel!

Custom Connectors visible in-app

custom connectors-gif

For our Business, Enterprise, and Agency subscriptions, we now show a comprehensive list of all 250 Custom Connectors alongside all of our Core Connectors in the app. We’ve also made it even easier to request a Custom Connector directly in Funnel. Go and check them all out!

Data Warehouse Data Share version restore

image (27)-1

When opening a Data Warehouse Data Share version, it’s now possible to create a new version with the old settings by clicking on the “restore” button at the top of the page. This feature is right now only possible for Data Warehouse Data Shares. 

New fields and metrics

Google Ads, Shopify, and DV360 are some of the connectors we’ve updated this month. To see the full list connector updates, read our blog post!

In conversation with an expert

Skärmavbild 2024-02-29 kl. 14.52.42

We recently sat down with Mimi Turner, head of EMEA & Latin America at The B2B Institute. In our conversation, she shared valuable perspectives on the importance of brand, brand promise, and the actual responsibilities of every B2B marketer. Be sure to check it out! 

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