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GA4, Facebook Ads and Instagram Insights - May Core Connector Updates

1 minute read Last updated Jun 3 2024
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We have made updates to Google Analytics 4, Facebook Ads, Instagram Insights and more! Here we present our May Core Connector updates.

Google Analytics 4

Since Conversions have been renamed to Key Events in Google Analytics 4, we have also updated the field names in Funnel:

  • Conversions is now called Key Events
  • Session conversion rate is now called Session key event rate
  • User conversion rate is now called User key event rate
  • Is conversion event is now called Is key event

No action is required from you, as this only affects the displayed names of the fields. Read more about what data you can get from GA4 here.

Facebook Ads

We have added the Audience segment breakdown for Facebook Ads, which shows if a customer is new or returning for ASC+ campaigns.

Read more about what data you can get from Facebook Ads here.

Instagram Insights

In addition to the Plays field, we have added the new fields Replays (number of Replays) and All Plays (number of Plays + Replays) to the Media Insights report in Instagram Insights.

Read more about what data you can get from Instagram Insights here.

We have added several new fields to all Report Types. Check out what data you can get from here.

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