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AdWords (Google Ads) - More data around your Ads

1 minute read Last updated Apr 29 2021
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  • Gustav Karlsson
    Written by Gustav Karlsson

    Gustav joined Funnel in 2017 and works as a Product Manager

We've added a bunch of new fields to the Standard report in our Google Ads connector. 

The new fields are available for data sources using the Google Ads API that are connected with the Standard report on Ad level. The new fields are:

  • Expanded Text Ad Path1
  • Expanded Text Ad Path2
  • Responsive Search Ad Description
  • Responsive Search Ad Path1
  • Responsive Search Ad Path2
  • Display URL
  • Image Width
  • Image Height
  • Display Upload Product Type
  • Responsive Display Control Spec Enable Autogen Video
  • Responsive Display Control Spec Asset Enhancements
  • Responsive Display Ad Long Headline
  • Responsive Display Ad Description
  • Call to action text (responsive)

If you want historical data for these fields in your existing data sources you're welcome to reach out to us at

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