Hubspot, Facebook and YouTube – here are our new fields for December

Last updated Jan 5 2023 1 minute read


New dimension: Transaction ID

Facebook Ads
Reach is now supported as "weekly" and "monthly" variants

Delta Projects
Two new metrics have been added to our Delta Projects connector:
- View-through orders
- Click-through orders

Our Adservice has been updated to use a new API version.
New dimensions:
- Company name
- Primary category ID
- Primary category name
New metrics:
- Sales
- Sales amount
- Leads

Funnel now supports the dimension "Visibility"
Visibility indicates whether a video is publicly visible or if it is private.

Our Idealo connector has been rebuilt to work with Idealo's most recent API.

Dimensions added:
- Click Type
- Shop ID
Metrics removed
- Order Cost
- Completed Orders
- Completed Order Value
- Completed Order Value (shipping included)
- Processing Orders
- Processing Order Value
- Processing Order Value (shipping included)
- Revoked Orders
- Revoked Order Value
- Revoked Order Value (shipping included)
- Revoking Orders
- Revoking Order Value
- Revoking Order Value (shipping included)

Pepperjam Network  → Ascend by Partnerize
Pepperjam Network has been replaced by Ascend by Partnerize. At the same time, we've added support for a number of new fields.

- Link type
- Order Id
- Status
- Transaction Id
- Transaction Type

- Commission Publisher
- Commission Site
- Sale Amount

New metrics: 
- Duet clicks
- Stitch clicks
- Anchor clicks

HubSpot Engagements
Brand new connector allowing you to fetch Calls, Emails, Meetings, Notes and Tasks. See What data can I get from Hubspot engagements.

New dimension:
- Advertiser Timezone

Funnel's Liftoff connector has been updated to use the latest official Liftoff API.

Dimensions added
- App ID
- App Name
- App Store ID
- App Title
- Bundle ID
- Campaign Type
- Click URL
- Country Code
- Creative ID
- Creative Name
- Creative Type
- Media URL
- Platform

Metrics deprecated
- Uncredited Installs

A new report type has been added: Community report.

See What data can I get from Reddit?

Yahoo Ad Tech

Funnel has added a new report containing Reach and Frequency metrics
Time windows: 1, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, Month to date
Includes weekly/monthly metrics

Google Ads (AdWords)

We have introduced two new fields to Google Ads: 
- All conv. (by conv. time)
- All conv. value (by conv. time)

The fields are available in the Standard, Search keyword and Audience reports.

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