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1 minute read Last updated Jul 10 2024
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  • Ray Banks
    Written by Ray Banks

    Product Marketing Manager at Funnel. Ray has experience marketing in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

We hope you’re enjoying your summer and we are excited to bring you the latest updates from Funnel! This month our updates video stars Hampus, one of our developers here at Funnel. Let’s take a look:

Request Credentials


You are now able to send a link to non-Funnel users letting them add their Data Source Credentials to Funnel. This could be a great feature in many scenarios, such as when an agency needs to connect a client's ad account but lacks the necessary credentials. This feature is available on our Business and Enterprise plans. 

Data Warehouse Exports - New time series options

Time series

You now have two additional options: Daily parts, to get one file per day, or Single Part to export all the data fully aggregated in one file.

Advanced Roles & Permissions

workspace roles

You can now assign specific roles with detailed sets of permissions, giving you more control and peace of mind. This feature is available on our Enterprise plan.

Dashboard template gallery


We’ve added 18 templates for Funnel Dashboards that allow you to get to visualizing your data quickly. Just select a template, add any necessary data sources and you’ll have a beautiful dashboard in no time. 

Google Analytics 4 - Dimension filtering

Goog filter

We have added the possibility to  connect GA4 sources with dimension filters. This helps you filter out any unwanted data from a data source prior to importing it to Funnel. Available filters are:

  • Exactly matches
  • Starts with
  • Ends with
  • Contains
  • Exists in list

New fields and metrics

Facebook Ads, Hubspot and Pinterest are some of the connectors we've updated this month. To see the full list of updates, check out our blog


Until next time, 

Ray from Funnel

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