Linkedin - Video title, InMail subject and Creative title

Last updated Feb 2 2021 1 minute read

Three new fields are now available in the Standard report for our LinkedIn connector.

 • Video title

• InMail subject

• Creative title 

Creative title is a normalised field containing values from all the different creative titles that exists (Sponsored content title, Carousel title, Spotlight title, Video title, Text ad title, InMail subject). So instead of using the separate title fields, the Creative title can function as a filter and will contain values for all title fields. 

To import this data to Funnel you need to have a Linkedin data source connected configured with the Standard report. These fields will be imported automatically but if you want to import historical data (more than 30 days back) please reach out to and we'll help out! You can also read more in the article What data can I get from Linkedin?

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