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1 minute read Last updated Apr 3 2024
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  • Ray Banks
    Written by Ray Banks

    Product Marketing Manager at Funnel. Ray has experience marketing in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Hey everyone, it’s Ray. I’ll be filling in for Hanna as she just had her baby boy last week! We hope that you’ve had a happy Easter and are looking forward to hearing the latest product updates from Funnel! March’s updates are presented by Chris, our head of content here at Funnel. Let’s have a look.

Funnel Dashboards

Funnel dashboards-1

We can’t stop talking about Funnel Dashboards! Now, you can analyze your performance data and prove the value of your efforts, directly in Funnel. That means you can get to answers even faster. Read all about dashboards on our blog or log into Funnel to check them out.

Version control for Data Shares

version control

You can do all sorts of new things with data shares, like restoring deleted or previous versions of data shares and viewing changes between versions. Version control is now available for all data share destinations.

New Core Connector: Piwik Pro

piwik pro gif

Funnel's new connector seamlessly integrates with Piwik Pro, unlocking a world of analytics possibilities in just a few clicks.

New fields and metrics

GA4, LinkedIn Organic and Facebook Ads are some of the connectors we’ve updated this month. To see the full list connector updates, read our blog post!

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