Funnel monthly product update, April 2021

1 minute read Last updated May 4 2021
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April meant a number of new capabilities in Funnel: Support for Google Analytics 4, import of XLSX files, and plenty of other features and improvements.

funnel-mus-2-1-2-1Support for Google Analytics 4

We are happy to launch an updated connector for Google Analytics, where you now can connect to your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties as well. You can collect data both from GA4 and Universal Analytics, so if you have a subset of data in GA4 Funnel makes it easy to gather all of your data in one place. 

We have also updated the Google Analytics connector to suggest a default set of fields, to make it easier and quicker to connect. You also have the option to configure the data source manually.

Read more about support for Google Analytics 4

Native Excel file import

Do you have an Excel spreadsheet that you would like to upload into Funnel, or perhaps set up a workflow where you can email spreadsheets to Funnel to automatically import them?

We have just made this even easier, because Funnel now supports not only CSV files but also native Excel (xlsx) files. Give it a try today – just select File import in the data source connection window in Funnel.

Read more about Excel file uploads

Update on Facebook's new attribution windows

As you might now, Facebook has changed their attribution windows based on the additional privacy measures in the most recent iOS update. The new attribution model is supported in Funnel, and any data already imported with the old attribution windows will remain unchanged.

Read more about the new attribution windows from Facebook

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We hope that you've found these updates useful. If you have any questions or would like more information, please reach out in the app and we'll be happy to help!

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