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Google Analytics - support for GA4 properties

1 minute read Last updated Apr 29 2021
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  • Gustav Karlsson
    Written by Gustav Karlsson

    Gustav joined Funnel in 2017 and works as a Product Manager

Our Google Analytics connector now supports collecting data from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties. Google Analytics 4 allows consolidation of mobile app data and website data in a single Google Analytics property. Previously you had to setup one property for your website data, and another one for your app data. 

Skärmavbild 2021-04-29 kl. 11.23.21Old Google Analytics properties are now referred to as “Universal Analytics” within Funnel, which is the same name used by Google. 

To read more about what data you can get from Google Analytics, please take a look at our What data can I get from Google Analytics? knowledge base article.


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