Monthly Update Summary - December 2020

Last updated Jan 4 2021 1 minute read

Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Funnel during December!

You can learn more about each update by clicking on the titles and links throughout the article.

New Features

Data Explorer Updates and Improvements

We released 4 new updates for Funnel's Data Explorer during December:

  1. The Ability to export future dates
  2. Detection of irregular values
  3. Improved scrolling
  4. Quick action pop-ups

​We hope that these new features will improve your overall experience and usability of the Data Explorer.

Google Data Studio Updates

We also released 4 updates to our Google Data Studio connector:

  1. In-app help section
  2. New connect buttons
  3. Default/Pre-made view
  4. Updated interface and token behavior 

Google Sheets Import Updates

Not quite 4, but still a respectable 2 updates for the Google Sheets Import feature:

  1. Configure import based on sheet name
  2. Immediate import validation in-app

Smaller, but just as exciting updates:

Data Warehouse Export (Google Authentication)
Increased consistency for in-app navigation
Single Sign-On with Azure SAML

Connector updates

Reconfigurable connection
Reconfigurable connection

Reconfigurable connection

Reconfigurable connection

Digital Turbine
New fields (App identifier, Conversion rate, Country code, Site ID)

DV360 (DoubleClick Bid Manager)
New connection options (custom field selection)

Google Ads
Connector update (Changes to Ad field)
Deprecation of old AdWords API
New reports (Age Range View & Gender)
New field (Image URL)
New field (Keyword URL Custom Parameter)
New fields (YouTube Video & Channel ID placements)

Google Analytics
New fields (12 new metrics)

Google Search Console
Connector update (Search type filter)

New field (Site ID)

Reconfigurable connection

New field ('Campaign name' for two breakdowns)
New field ('Flow name' for two breakdowns)
New field ('Subject' for 'Attributed Message' breakdown)
New field ('Subject' for 'Message' breakdown)

New field (Carousel ID)

New field (Send time)

Reconfigurable connection

Reconfigurable connection

Search Ads 360 (DoubleClick Search)
Connector update (Saved column selection)
New report (Conversion)

Reconfigurable connection

New fields (Cost, Shop ID, Shop name)

New breakdowns (Keyword, Similar to followers of user)
New field (Card ID)
New field (Video Total Views)

New report (Transaction)

Reconfigurable connection

We hope that you've found these update useful! If you have any questions or if you would like some more information, please reach out and we'll be happy to help :)

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