Monthly Update Summary - January 2021

1 minute read Last updated Feb 3 2021
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Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Funnel during January!

You can learn more about each update by clicking on the titles and links throughout the article.

New Features

Data Explorer (Cell pop-over improvements)

When clicking on a custom field in the Data Explorer, the pop-over now links to the configuration of that field, which should make it faster to make changes and troubleshoot if needed.Smaller, but just as exciting updates:

Data Explorer (Improved help text for empty Funnel accounts)
Data Explorer (New tooltip)
Dimensions & Metrics (New workflow for removing fields)
Subscription Admin (New workflow for removing users & accounts)

New Connectors

Google Trends

If you're currently using Google Trends to optimize your keywords and spot market trends, you can now connect your account and utilize the data in Funnel!

Connector updates

New metrics (Cross-device conversions and impressions)

New dimensions (7 new fields)

AdWords (Google Ads)
New report (Click Type)
New report (Click View)
Automated refresh window

New reports (Network Analytics, Geo Analytics, Network Device Analytics, Buyer Segment Performance)

Bing (Microsoft Ads)
New dimensions (Goal and Goal Type)
New report (Age and Gender)
New report (Search Query)

Facebook Attribution
Connector update (Report level disabled)

Google My Business
New report (Questions and Answers)

Non-aggregatable metrics on Account level

New metrics (Reach)

New dimensions (Merchant fields)

Sizmek MDX
Connector deprecated

New metric (Page Browse View)

New breakdowns (Age and Gender)

We hope that you've found these update useful! If you have any questions or if you would like some more information, please reach out and we'll be happy to help :)

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