Product updates for November

2 minute read Last updated Jan 4 2024
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Entering the last month of the year (and WHAT a snowy time we're having in Sweden right now), and soon it will be time to summarize and celebrate what we have accomplished during the year. But there’s still some time left to create a last bit of magic! Listen to Simon, one of our IT Support Engineers, presenting the latest updates from November:

New connectors: LINE Ads and Matomo

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This month, we introduced two new Core Connectors: Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand's most popular messaging and social network app LINE, and Matomo, a powerful web analytics platform.

Version history for metrics and dimensions




When making changes to a field, you will now be prompted to add a description of the changes you’ve made. All versions for a field can be seen as a list under “Show versions” in the field details section. From there, you also have the ability to view and restore earlier versions of the field. 

Supporting larger data warehouse data share files

Are you working with very large exports toward Google Cloud Storage, Snowflake, and Amazon S3? Then, the message “File preparation timed out” is no longer a problem! With the recent update, we now support larger data warehouse data share files. These requests will automatically be sent to our new workers where they can run for a longer time. 

Spreadsheet options available when editing sources 


When importing a .xlsx file to Funnel, you can now change the spreadsheet options like which sheet or tab to import and whether to identify by position or name when editing the data source.

Microsoft Excel - Sharepoint and shared OneDrive support  

You can now share data from Funnel to Microsoft Excel beyond a personal OneDrive. With this new update, Microsoft Excel scheduled Shares also supports Sharepoint and shared OneDrives. Read more on how to create a scheduled Microsoft Excel Share and work with your data!

New fields and metrics

We’ve updated connectors including Google Ads, TikTok, and GA4. As always, the full list of connector updates can be found on our product updates blog post!

Case study: How Sephora cut costs and enhanced insights


Learn how Sephora, a leader in global prestige omni-retail, and Funnel Solutions Partner Hanalytics leveraged Funnel’s efficient data output to complete its modern data stack setup, helping Sephora save 75% on data storage costs while centralizing data management for 18 markets. 

How to learn performance marketing (if you could start over)

Do you want to get into performance marketing as a career, or are you already a performance marketer looking to improve in your role? Withmore than eight years in performance marketing and diverse full-funnel experience within agencies and in-house, this is what Lee would recommend doing!

MMM experts spill their secrets

Marketing mix modeling is a powerful tool that can help you optimize your marketing spend. To understand the ins and outs, we interviewed the experts at Adtriba. Click here to read the story

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