Outbrain, LinkedIn, GA4 – new dimensions and metrics in January

Last updated Feb 2 2023 1 minute read

Here are some of the updates to our connectors for January.


New dimensions:

- Country ID (Geo reports only)


- CPA - Cost Per Acquisition

- CTR - Clickthrough Rate

- ECPC - Estimated Cost Per Click


Google Analytics (GA4)

- The default definition when connecting a new data source no longer includes Sessions, but instead has *Event name* and *Event count*.

- A new derived metric, *Sessions starts (Event)*, have been created and will automatically be available to all data sources with both *Event name*and *Event count*.

- We have added report types for GA4 called “Standard” and “Users”. The “Users” report type has two new non-summable metrics: “Total Users”, “Active Users” – both available in time windows 1 day, 7 day (weekly), 14 day, Month to date (monthly), 30 days.



New metrics

- Instant Experience Average View Percentage

- Instant Experience Average View Time

- Interactive Add-on Impressions

- Interactive Add-on Destination Clicks

- Interactive Add-on Activity Clicks

- Interactive Add-on Option A Clicks

- Interactive Add-on Option B Clicks


Google Ads/Adwords

We have introduced a new set of metrics for Google Ads/Adwords. These are all summable and thus easier to work with in Funnel. As the name suggests, they are all estimations and cannot be expected to always show the correct value.

- Search Impr. share - Estimated

- Search Lost IS (rank) - Estimated

- Search lost IS (budget) - Estimated

- Total Rank Lost Impressions - Estimated

- Total Budget Lost Impressions - Estimated

- Total Eligible Impressions - Estimated

Detailed (but non-summable) metrics remain and are from now on available under the “Reported impression shares” report. 



- “Document Ad Name” has been deprecated by LinkedIn and is no longer getting values. 

- “Conversation Ad Text”  has been added to the Standard and Conversion reports


New fields

- Advertising ID

- Attribution date

- Country

- Created date

- Modified date

- Order purchased date

- Validated date



Two new dimensions have been added:

- Ad Id

- Ad


Yahoo Ad Tech

We’ve added the time window “Lifetime” to the “Reach and Frequency” report.

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