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Product updates for September

1 minute read Last updated Nov 13 2023
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October and autumn are here! Grab a cup of coffee and have a look at what new features we have this month! 👌🏼

This month's video summary of the updates is presented by Ellen Starnes, Account Executive here at Funnel.


Custom Dimensions with date and datetime

It’s now possible to create and edit Custom Dimensions to have the unit date and datetime. These units have been supported in imported fields, but only able to be a string. With this, organizing and using custom date fields in Shares will be much easier!

Dimension time and date time

Data Explorer improvements

Improved “Metrics might be counted multiple times” warning:
We’ve changed the copy in the warning message to avoid confusing when explaining double counting and changed the list of metrics into grouped per aggregation type:

  • Metrics that might be counted multiple times (SUM - Normal)
  • Metrics that cannot be aggregated might not have values (NONE - the non-agg case)
  • Metrics that might aggregate in unexpected ways (COUNT, MIN, MAX - rare but can happen)

More dimension column filter options in the resulting data grid:
Today there are two ways of filtering on dimension values in the Data Explorer, by using the query filter in the toolbar and in the resulting data grid. We have now added more filter options mainly regarding case sensitivity even in the resulting data grid.

Simplified Google Sheets Shares list page

We’ve done some design and layout updates to make a more compact and nicer looking Google Sheet Share list page. We hope this update will make your work easier and faster!

image (14)

New fields and metrics

This month we have new fields and metrics for LinkedIn, TikTok and more. To read all about the updates to our connectors, go to our blog post

More updates from Funnel

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