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LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok – here are the new fields for September

1 minute read Last updated Dec 6 2022
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These are some of the updates we've made to our core connectors during the month of September.

New TikTok metrics:

- Conversion rate
- Real time conversion rate
- Online consult
- Button click
- Total add payment info
- Cost per 1000 reach
- Total Add to Wishlist (Page Event)
- Total Add Payment Info (Page Event)

Lastly a few fields have been renamed:
- “Add Payment Info” is renamed to “Total Add Payment Info (In-App Event)”
- “Button Click” is renamed to “Total Click Button”
- “Contact” is renamed to “Total Contact”

New LinkedIn dimensions:

- Document Ad Name
- Document Ad Title
- Document Ad Text
- Document Ad Direct Sponsored Content
These fields are available for the reports:
- Standard report
- Conversion Ad Level report


- Profile Clicks
- Weekly Frequency and Monthly Frequency is now available for the Reach & Frequency report

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