Twitter, YouTube and Teads – see what’s new in Funnel’s connectors for November

1 minute read Last updated Mar 20 2024
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The Audience metrics breakdown “Platform” has been renamed to “Operating system”. This change has been introduced for consistency with the Tiktok platform.


New metrics:

CTA App Install

VTA App Install

Total Search

Total Checkout

Total Launch App

Total Add Payment Info (SKAN)

Total Complete Tutorial (SKAN)

Total Complete Tutorial Value (SKAN)

Total Unlock Achievement (SKAN)

Total Generate Lead (SKAN)

Total Login (SKAN)

Total Launch App (SKAN)

Total Join Group (SKAN)

Total Generate Lead (SKAN)

Result (SKAN)

Yahoo ad tech

New dimension:

Creative Custom ID


New dimensions:

Creative external integration

Seat name



Shop ID

Shop name

Category ID

Category name

Delivery country

Product ID

Product name

Deep link




Standard clicks

Refurbished clicks

Standard cost

Refurbished cost


New metrics:

Mobile Conversion Searches

Mobile Conversion Content View

Mobile Conversion Tutorials Completed

Mobile Conversion Sign Ups

Mobile Conversions Purchases

Google Ads / AdWords

To make them easier to understand, we’ve updated the following field names:

End Time ➝ Call End Time

Start Time ➝ Call Start Time

Attribute Values ➝ Feed Item Attribute Values

Call Action Text (Responsive) ➝ Responsive Display Ad Call To Action Text

Google My Business

Google has released a new report called “Performance Insights”. This report will replace “Insights”, “Actions Phone” and “Local Posts”. 

Existing sources using the “Insights”, “Actions Phone” and “Local Posts” reports will keep downloading data as long as Google allows it. Historical data will remain in Funnel after the sunset date.

To use the “Performance Insights” report you will need to connect a new source.

More information on the update in our Knowledge base


A new field has been added to Funnel’s Shopify connector: “Customer Sale Type”. This dimension eliminates the need to create a custom dimension in Funnel for separating new from returning customers. 

The new field flags a customer as “first-time” or “returning” based on in what sequence the order was made. It’s available now in the Order report and Product report.


New report type: “Channel Subscribers” 

Provides the metrics “Channel Subscribers Gained” and “Channel Subscribers Lost”.

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