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The complete overview of your retail marketing efforts

Funnel helps retail companies bridge the gap between online and offline performance. With access to over 500 online marketing platforms out of-the-box and custom built connections for offline data, Funnel becomes the central hub for all your retail marketing data. This data can then be mapped and fed to your Data Warehouse, BI solution or any visualisation tool you may be using.

retail marketing

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Benefits overview

Used by leading retailers around the world.

Bridging the gap between online and offline data

Whether you sell the majority of your products online or in-store, it’s important to know where your conversions are coming from and which channels are providing the best return on investment.

Unifying all of your retail marketing and sales activities under one centralised hub makes it’s easy to pinpoint opportunities to maximise engagement, conversion rates, loyalty and awareness.

By centralising your data you’ll be able to take advantage of multi-level KPIs to calculate metrics such as your true return on investment.

Retail marketing reports
retail marketing data

Unlimited data sources and data destinations

Funnel was designed to make it easy for you to collect and understand data, no matter where it comes from. Effortlessly integrate granular data from all sources including; social media, CRM platforms, local comparison sites and native advertising networks.

Access over 500 data sources out-of-the-box with our intuitive plug and play design.

Custom data sources built upon request for any data source that isn’t currently listed in our extensive library of connections.

Automating your data collection and transformation allows you to enjoy a huge increase in efficiency in your retail marketing strategy and across your entire organization.

Flexible and intuitive data transformation

If you’re one of many retailers who work with data, you know how painful and time-consuming all the collection, cleaning and data transformation can be. That’s the reason we built an intuitive interface to clean, transform and prepare your data for analysis.

Funnel’s simplicity doesn’t compromise the amount of flexibility and power you can obtain. Working with data in Funnel is self-explanatory which means that programming skills are not required and anyone can start making meaningful analysis from the beginning.

retail marketing
retail marketing

Maximize retail marketing ROI by ideal budget allocation

Funnel combines advertising and revenue data to identify your winners and losers so that you can reallocate your retail budget accordingly.

Accurate marketing reports provide actionable insights that will help you to continuously increase your retail marketing ROI and customer acquisition metrics.

The source of truth for your retail marketing data

At Funnel we pride ourselves on providing a transparent representation of your retail marketing performance. Automated data collection and mapping removes the possibility of human error.

With frequent data imports and exports retailers no longer have to worry about manually updating outdated retail reports.

Centralized data enables collaboration between teams, which enables agile decision making which may have been previously restricted by siloed retail marketing data.

data-driven marketing for retailers

Data destinations

Automated retail marketing reporting

Create a dashboard that paints a clearer picture of how your business, marketing, customer acquisition, and other KPIs are performing in any tool you like. Gone are the days of simple excel based reporting. Retailers can tie in metrics from every online and offline platform your business uses.

Combine online and offline transactions in a single dashboard

Track all your marketing KPIs in one overview dashboard

Easily compare and monitor marketing cost and revenue by market

Monitor marketing performance by market in a multi-market dashboard

Track and monitor both your organic traffic and paid traffic in one dashboard

  1. “Funnel gives me peace of mind. I have full control of advertising spend across all my ad channels and save multiple hours a week.”

    Peter von Knobloch
    Marketing Manager,

    “Funnel is a mind-blowing product with amazing features, great dashboards and beautiful integration with Google Analytics.”

    Viktor Sundberg
    Online Marketing Manager,

    “Thanks to Funnel I know exactly how much I spent yesterday, and what it generated in terms of sales.”

    Mikael Stålnacke
    Head of Sales,