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Mark Xavier Quadros

a SaaS content marketer that helps brands create and distribute rad content.
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SMART goals for digital marketing

Goals have a quirky quality, not very different from new year’s resolutions. If you’re not intentional with them, it doesn’t take long until they go the way of a gym membership bought in January – constantly overlooked and bleeding money. 

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PPC vs Marketplaces: Finding Your Marketing Mix

All marketers extol the virtues of search marketing, but with clients asking for more traffic for less money, the pressure is on for digital marketers to use efficiency and ingenuity to find growth opportunities. 

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YouTube Marketing: Everything you need to know

How many times have you wasted your afternoons by watching random YouTube videos for hours? We have all been there. But have you ever thought about how YouTube marketing could scale your business? This article will walk you through the importance of YouTube for marketing and share detailed steps to leverage it for your business.

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