Five Halloween email campaign examples to hallo-win your audience

Published Oct 24 2022 Last updated Jan 20 2023 4 minute read
Halloween email campaigns
  • Alex Souchoroukof
    Written by Alex Souchoroukof

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Now that spooky season has finally arrived again, marketers have a great opportunity to capitalize on the frighteningly festive holiday. One ghoulishly quick tactic is creating Halloween email campaigns. 

Run of the mill emails won’t do, though. Your audience will cry out for something more creative. So, let’s explore a few creative examples to get you in the Halloween spirit. 

Why Halloween email marketing?

Still wondering why marketers make such a big deal over Halloween? It’s one of the best times to increase sales and get people in the buying spirit. As you can see in the graph below, consumer Halloween spending is expected to again surpass $10 billion this year. That means your brand has a huge opportunity to reach consumers and grow sales by leveraging the season.


Great examples of Halloween email marketing campaigns

If you want to create that spooky email marketing campaign that everyone is afraid of, you came to the right place. This section will explain how popular and smaller brands approach these seasonal campaigns.


The first email campaign is from Moosend, an email marketing service with multiple features to kickstart your email marketing campaigns.

The focus of this email campaign is to educate users on the Halloween email topics of the blog. Moosend helps its readers solve their pain points by addressing topics that could help them get ahead of the curve and succeed with their emails.

To achieve that, this Halloween email template dials up the festive feel through a themed color palette, fonts, and design elements. All while keeping the layout simple and straightforward. 

Bettys Bakery




The UK-based bakery Bettys runs beautiful email marketing campaigns. They have taken advantage of Halloween to attract customers and raise brand awareness.

A single backdrop image, a limited color palette of black, red, and white, and expert food photography makes this email aesthetically appealing and fit the Halloween theme. The images in this email were also specially chosen for the campaign so that the colors mesh and produce a unified effect.

In addition to great original imagery and timely products, they could also share some delicious Halloween recipes to further drive home engagement with the Bettys brand. This email is a perfect example of how a brand can use email marketing to increase Halloween sales and move the remaining inventory easier than ever.




Another great Halloween email example comes from Airbnb. They curate and promote haunted homes and other eerier locations so that users can live out their own fright night. It's also a great tactic for increasing website traffic and the diverse areas renters can explore through the platform.





In no way are online file transfers attractive, and there isn't much of a connection with Halloween unless you're creating a narrative.

WeTransfer nevertheless succeeds in producing a lovely, captivating email by showcasing the original work of various artists worldwide in a Halloween-themed email design.

It's a superb illustration of content curation with a purpose. Additionally, it stays away from Halloween's extreme materialism, which has become a hallmark of the October hoilday. Instead, the email offers something new with a few subtle Halloween-related references.

This approach also drives home WeTransfer's brand reputation as a patron of creative design.



This American online retailer of vintage-inspired women’s clothing is another example that can help you spice up your email marketing campaigns, especially if you’re in the eCommerce world. The email has a simple layout, and the pairing of graphic design and fashion styling plays a huge role in creating an inspiring campaign.

The Halloween copywriting and the shadow elements play a huge role in transforming this promotional campaign into a Halloween-themed campaign. 

Spice up your Halloween email campaign ideas

With those great examples in mind, let’s break down some ways that you can make the most of your own Halloween-themed emails.

Choose a Halloween email design

Every email in this article has an email design that’s Halloween-themed. This is not a necessity, but it’s a great way to deliver spooky vibes to your readers. When crafting your email campaigns, remember these three must-haves:


  • Email newsletter template
  • Email copywriting and visuals
  • Post-click landing pages

Find an email template that conveys your brand’s aesthetics and leverage email copywriting and seasonal visuals to make your email more engaging. Lastly, curate the landing page that your readers will find through your links to have a seamless design with your emails.

Go for spooky email subject lines

A Halloween-themed subject line is the most crucial element of your email campaigns. Every brand tries to grab its audience's attention, and shining through the inbox can be challenging. To make your subject line pop, use Halloween emojis and clever messaging.

Also, try to add personalization for your readers. Here are some subject line examples to inspire you:

  • Airbnb | “Trick or treat. Try a spooky stay!”
  • Clear | Your scary good deal is here 👻
  • Email Monks | Enter this castle at your own risk, Alex…

Offer Halloween discounts

Seasonal events are an excellent opportunity to offer some discounts to attract new customers and increase your income streams. There are two ways to approach this concept. First, you could create dedicated email discounts for your loyal subscribers to encourage them to convert into paying customers.

The second approach is to offer potential customers a discount on their next purchase when they subscribe to your email list. In this scenario, you amplify your email list while you create qualified potential leads for your brand.

Target specific customer segments

Instead of having one blanket message delivered through a master email to all your contacts, try segmenting your audience. By breaking down smaller cohorts within your broader audience, you may be able to target customers based on interests, engagement with your social media, and more. 

As with personalizing the subject line, segmenting your audience and delivering tailored messages can help your email campaign breakthrough a cluttered inbox. 

Send your next Halloween email campaign today

Seasonal events like Halloween are unique opportunities in your content calendar that can help you reach your financial goals. You don't buy pumpkins and candy corn in August; thus, leveraging these events can make your brand shine if you work to create meaningful emails.

With the tips from this article, you are ready to start your next Halloween email campaign today and see these leads coming your way in no time.

Until the next time, keep sending those Halloween emails.

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