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Published Jan 24 2023 Last updated Mar 1 2023 3 minute read
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If you’re familiar with Google Ads and using Google to optimize your ad campaigns, there’s another Google product you should consider to track, analyze and optimize your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics 4 is a staple for marketers tracking online activity and promises to be a useful tool well into the future. Best of all, it's available in a free version and there's support from Google should you need it.

Despite being under attack in several European countries over a lack of privacy controls, GA still the industry standard in universal analytics. All marketers need to learn Google Analytics 4.

However, the process of learning GA4 and all its features can be daunting. That’s why access to helpful information is crucial in your quest to identify and master key measurement features.

Keep reading for resources to help you with your GA4 certification and learn how to identify areas you can improve in.

GA4 resources for beginners

If you have little or no prior experience and want to learn Google Analytics 4 to enhance your marketing efforts, here are a few good places to start:

Google’s own training materials

Google provides resources and support to take you through the entire process of creating a fully functional analytics account, including how to build custom reports. You’ll learn everything, including how to:

  • Create a Google Analytics account
  • Structure a website
  • Set up a sandbox website for practice
  • Learn Google Analytics tracking code and how to test articles
  • Access step-by-step instructions for using real business data collection
  • Create custom reports and custom events with GA4
  • Measure your marketing effort
  • Gain knowledge and take your business to new heights

You can even earn your Google Analytics 4 certification directly from Google, with all of the support you need along the way. When you can demonstrate a clear understanding of the data analysis tool and use the analytics features, you'll be able to pass the assessment and be eligible for certification. Plus, you can use Google Analytics to focus on your business goals and take your measurement plan to the next level, with all the support you need to identify areas for improvement.

The GA4 videos we created with Bluebird

We at Funnel teamed up with marketing agency Bluebird to create 3 short videos about GA4. Find them here:

1. Why GA4 is actually better than Universal Analytics

2. GA4 brings Machine Learning to the forefront

3. How GA4 improves with other Google products

Make sure to check out these video's if you want to understand the power of GA4. 

Essential GA4 training on LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn also provides training for the Google Analytics 4 certification. The course explains how to use the digital analytics system to measure:

  • Site traffic
  • Conversions
  • Ad performance
  • ROI

The course, created by Google product expert Corey Koberg, also covers account creation, reporting fundamentals, and how to analyze data, glean insights from the expansive amount of data available, and turn the insights into an informed report. You'll even learn how to migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4 if you choose to do so.

Learn GA4 by doing

Of course, learning by doing is the best way for beginners to learn. Do you have a few websites as side projects, or do you manage the site of your local sports team or other organization? Make sure to install GA4 and start collecting data to get acquainted with the user interface. Then start experimenting with standard reports, outbound clicks, traffic sources, landing pages, site search, and file downloads.

Resources for intermediate and advanced Google Analytics users

If you’re a more advanced GA4 user looking to master digital analytics and data, consider these professional pieces of training:

LinkedIn Learning’s Advanced Google Analytics 4 Course

This course covers a lot of territory, from data collection, analytics, and event tracking to creating custom reports, funnel explorations, and much more. It gives you access to all the information you need to get your GA4 certification.

The Content Technologist’s Understanding Google Analytics 4

This paid course is specifically for content professionals. Its goal is to empower content professionals to make a more informed business case for the impact of content through data collection.

The course takes less than a month to complete, and you'll get access to lectures, chat, and video engagement.

Ken Williams’ Analysts Guide to GA4

This course covers the fundamentals of GA4, including installing the digital analytics tool, using its features and integrations to track user interactions and habits through data, and tips for building custom reports to inform your strategy in the future.

Resources for learning Google Tag Manager

If you really want to become a GA4 pro, it's also smart to learn Google Tag Manager. Here are a few places to start:

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