GA4 resource hub

Since the announcement of Google Analytics 4 (then known as Web + App) in July 2019, we have analyzed, researched and created the material you need to make a smooth move. Check out all resources below:


Use Funnel to power your GA4 analysis

Looking for ways to automate marketing reporting? Or do you want to improve your digital marketing campaigns? Funnel is here to help. Get more insights from your GA data by combining it with data from other sources. Our solution covers both GA3 and GA4 data!

When is Universal Analytics deprecated? dropdown
Standard Universal Analytics properties will stop registering hits on June 30th, 2022. The data will remain available in the platform and exportable until September 30th, 2022. 360 Universal Analytics properties will have 1 more year of access compared to standard.
What will happen to my Universal Analytics data? dropdown
If you use a marketing data hub like Funnel, your Universal Analytics data will be safely stored and available for you to work with in the reporting tool of choice. If you haven't backed up your Universal Analytics data already, we recommend that you get in touch with us!