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Budget and performance tracking

Smart performance monitoring

Funnel centralizes your marketing data, simplifying performance monitoring and unlocking valuable insights. Answer critical questions about ad spend, impressions, and return on investment with ease.

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Monitor the metrics that matter

Funnel allows you to collect and work with the data that is relevant for your business. Either being CRM, ecom or any other data.

Always hit, never miss

Quickly spot any deviations from your budget targets, be they over or under your set goals — even if you share a budget over different platforms.

Make smart budget adjustments

By monitoring your spend in real time, you can quickly make adjustments that ensure you stay on pace to hit your budget goals.

Chop, change, slice, and dice

Easily create rules that allow for ad hoc analysis for individuals markets, regions, and SKUs — without ever affecting the underlying data.

You need a Marketing Data Hub


Big picture, granular detail

By connecting to every platform, Funnel helps you gain an omniscient view of your marketing efforts.


More flexibility from custom dimensions and metrics

Standard dimensions and metrics are great, but sometimes you need more. And you’ll get it with our built-in, code-free custom options.


Gain quick insights with Data Explorer

Need to understand and analyze your budget now? Our Data Explorer can help you gain insights in just minutes.


Create a data goldmine

Securely store your most precious data from long-term analysis in a solution you (and your IT team) can trust.


Build a data-driven culture

When you see data as a strategic asset that is central to your
business’ success, a world of opportunity is unlocked. Empower teams to make smarter, more informed, and more accurate decisions with the power of data. Build a company culture that goes from performance analysis to performance foresight. 

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Marketing reporting

Deliver critical data to all your stakeholders when and how they need it - without having to use copy-paste.

Data driven decision making

Harness your data to its full potential, enabling your entire organization to make informed decisions that drive growth.