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Google Analytics/GA4: New dimensions and metrics

Google recently added a new set of fields to its GA4 API, that we've now made available in Funnel. Dimensions Achievement id Character Default channel...

Google Analytics: Standard rules for G4

In order to make GA4 data easier to work with, we've now introduced it into our standard rule model. This means the following custom fields will be au...

Indeed connector: major update

The Indeed connector has been updated to retrieve data from the latest Indeed Sponsored Jobs API. Note: Existing sources must be reconnected by April ...

TikTok: Initiate Checkout

Funnel's TikTok connector now supports the metric "Initiate Checkout".What data can I get from TikTok?

The Trade Desk: Data for advertiser only

A new report has been made available for The Trade Desk: "Advertiser ONLY Ad Group Performance Report". This report is available for users with “Adver...

Partnerize: Customer type

Funnel's Partnerize connector now supports the dimension "Customer type". What data can I get from Partnerize?

Track Visits in our Criteo connector

Two new metrics have been added to our Criteo connector:n Cost Per Visit and Visits. All available fields and metrics in our Knowledge base.

Control where your data ends up in Google Sheets

It's now possible to control where in a Google Sheet your data will end up. Simply enter the start row and column under "Working range".  More info in...

Base your exports on Data explorer views

We have released a new feature to make it easier to apply fields, filters and currency from saved data explorer views to new exports. The feature is a...

TikTok: New dimensions

Funnel's Tiktok connector now supports two new dimensions in the Ad group report: Adgroup placement type and Campaign budget mode.

Date conditions in Custom dimensions

Custom Dimensions in Funnel now supports for date conditions and conversions. There are new "matches date" conditions that can be used with all date f...

Deals from Yahoo Ad Tech

It's now possible to get Deal and Deal ID from Yahoo Ad Tech. To get Deal and Deal ID, connect a new source and check "Deal".