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Date conditions in Custom dimensions

1 minute read Last updated Mar 2 2022
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Custom Dimensions in Funnel now supports for date conditions and conversions.

There are new "matches date" conditions that can be used with all date fields. This will help common patterns of working with non-aggregateable metrics or forecasting.

For example, using the when condition 'date matches last day of month or date matches today' in a custom metric can allow using month or lifetime non-agg metrics per month together with performance metrics per month.

There are also a number of new 'convert date' options in parallell with the existing convert text ones. These provide the same conversions that exist for the built-in date but can be applied to any field that has the unit "date" (for example from CRM, Organic or Google Sheets) in the same way.

In addition a number of new conversions have been added based on common usage patterns. For example 'to year week' can be used to correctly get a weeks year and week number. Another new useful conversion is 'to start of week' to allow directly visualising per week in time-series charts in different destinations.

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