Google Analytics/GA4: New dimensions and metrics

Last updated Mar 23 2023 1 minute read

Google recently added a new set of fields to its GA4 API, that we've now made available in Funnel.


  • Achievement id
  • Character
  • Default channel grouping
  • File extension
  • File name
  • First user google ads campaign type
  • First user default channel grouping
  • First user manual ad content
  • First user manual term
  • First user source platform
  • Google ads campaign type
  • Group id
  • Link id
  • Link url
  • Link classes
  • Link domain
  • Link text
  • Manual ad content
  • Manual term
  • Method
  • New / returning
  • Outbound
  • Page location
  • Page path and screen class
  • Page referrer
  • Percent scrolled
  • Platform / device category
  • Search term
  • Session google ads campaign type
  • Session manual ad content
  • Session manual term
  • Session source platform
  • Source platform
  • Video url
  • Video provider
  • Video title
  • Visible



  • Ad unit exposure
  • Add-to-carts
  • Average purchase revenue (calculated from Purchase revenue and E-commerce purchases)
  • Engagement rate (calculated from Engaged sessions and Sessions)
  • First-time purchasers per new user (calculated from First time purchasers and New users)
  • Item list click through rate (calculated from Item list clicks and Item list views)
  • Item promotion click through rate (calculated from Item promotion clicks and Item promotion views)
  • Transactions per purchaser (calculated from Total purchasers and Transactions)
  • Views per session (calculated from Views and Sessions)


Want to learn more about GA4? Take a look at our GA4 collection.

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