Google Analytics/GA4: New dimensions and metrics

February 28, 2022
1 minute read

Google recently added a new set of fields to its GA4 API, that we've now made available in Funnel.

Achievement id
Default channel grouping
File extension
File name
First user google ads campaign type
First user default channel grouping
First user manual ad content
First user manual term
First user source platform
Google ads campaign type
Group id
Link id
Link url
Link classes
Link domain
Link text
Manual ad content
Manual term
New / returning
Page location
Page path and screen class
Page referrer
Percent scrolled
Platform / device category
Search term
Session google ads campaign type
Session manual ad content
Session manual term
Session source platform
Source platform
Video url
Video provider
Video title

Ad unit exposure
Average purchase revenue (calculated from Purchase revenue and E-commerce purchases)
Engagement rate (calculated from Engaged sessions and Sessions)
First-time purchasers per new user (calculated from First time purchasers and New users)
Item list click through rate (calculated from Item list clicks and Item list views)
Item promotion click through rate (calculated from Item promotion clicks and Item promotion views)
Transactions per purchaser (calculated from Total purchasers and Transactions)
Views per session (calculated from Views and Sessions)

What data can I get from Google Analytics?