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Summary Funnel data and numbers 2023

1 minute read Last updated Jan 15 2024
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What a year it has been. Goodbye, 2023 – hello, 2024! 

A new year means new opportunities, new challenges, and a fresh new start. But it’s also a time to look back, reflect, and be amazed by everything you’ve accomplished – especially in a tough year like 2023. At Funnel we’re so proud of everything we’ve accomplished over the past 12 months. We couldn’t have done it without you either! 

Do you know which were the year’s top connectors and destinations? Do you know how many terabytes (yes, terabytes!) of data our customers imported on a daily basis? We’ve captured all the highlights and biggest moments of 2023 in the video below. Our editors have also picked out their top three articles of the year. It’s the perfect inspiration for you to start the year running at full speed.

Finally, we would like to say “thank you” for a great 2023. Here’s to even bigger achievements together in 2024!


Editor’s pick: top three blog posts

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  1. Adtriba’s MMM experts reveal their secrets
  2. 5 marketing horror stories to haunt your dreams
  3. Black Friday insights that will knock your socks off

Editor’s pick: top three case studies

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  1. Data is leading the way at Regatta
  2. Basic-Fit's 10x marketing leap with Funnel
  3. NP Digital achieves reporting harmony  

Editor’s pick: top three YouTube videos


  1. How to analyze Facebook Ad creatives (The right way!) 
  2. Future of performance marketing 2023 – part 3
  3. Marketing mix modeling implementation   

New fields and metrics

We never stop improving and evolving the Funnel app. Among the many updates that we rolled out this year, we’ve also made time in December to roll out a few new connectors. The new additions include GA4, DV360, and Instagram Insights. Read the full list of updates in our latest product updates blog post.  


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