Omni Purchase - Facebook Ads connector update

Last updated Jan 9 2023 1 minute read

We've just added 73 additional metrics to our Facebook Ads connection in Funnel! You now have access to "omni" (the sum of desktop and mobile) conversions, as well as a few others.

Here's the list of new "omni" metrics you have access to (available for all breakdowns): 

Achievements Unlocked
Achievements Unlocked Conversion Value
Adds to Cart
Adds to Cart Conversion Value
App Activations
App Activations Conversion Value
App Installs
Checkouts Initiated
Checkouts Initiated Conversion Value
Content Views
Content Views Conversion Value
Cost per Achievement Unlocked
Cost per Add to Cart
Cost per App Activation
Cost per App Install
Cost per Checkout Initiated
Cost per Content View
Cost per Credit Spend
Cost per Custom Event
Cost per Level Achieved
Cost per Purchase
Cost per Rating Submitted
Cost per Registration Completed
Cost per Search
Cost per Tutorial Completed
Credit Spends
Credit Spends Conversion Value
Custom Events
Levels Achieved
Levels Achieved Conversion Value
Purchases Conversion Value
Ratings Submitted
Ratings Submitted Conversion Value
Registrations Completed
Registrations Completed Conversion Value
Searches Conversion Value
Tutorials Completed
Tutorials Completed Conversion Value

We've also added some additional "standard" metrics:

Adds of Payment Info
Adds of Payment Info Conversion Value
Adds to Wishlist
Adds to Wishlist Conversion Value
Cost per Game Play
Cost per Lead
Cost per Offline Other Conversion
Cost per Submit Application
Desktop App Credit Spends
Desktop Credit Spends Conversion Value
Game Plays
Leads Conversion Value
Mobile App Achievements Unlocked Conversion Value
Mobile App Adds of Payment Info Conversion Value
Mobile App Adds to Cart Conversion Value
Mobile App Adds to Wishlist Conversion Value
Mobile App Checkouts Initiated Conversion Value
Mobile App Credits Spent Conversion Value
Mobile App D2 Retention
Mobile App D7 Retention
Mobile App Levels Completed Conversion Value
Mobile App Ratings Submitted Conversion Value
Mobile App Searches Conversion Value
Mobile App Sessions Conversion Value
Mobile App Tutorials Completed
Mobile App Tutorials Completed Conversion Value
Offline Other Conversion Value
Offline Other Conversions
On Facebook Applications Submitted
On Facebook Submit Application Conversion Value
On-Facebook Leads
On-Facebook Leads Conversion Value

Please note that no action is required in order to obtain all of the new fields listed above.

You can learn more about the data you can obtain from Facebook Ads in this article.

We hope that you find these additional metrics useful! If you have any questions or if you would like to see historic data for these fields, please contact
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