Taboola - Visible Impressions & Site ID

Last updated: 10/8/20 9:14 AM
1 minute read

Two new fields have been added to our Taboola connector. The metric Visible Impressions is now available for all report types and the Site ID dimension has been added to the Site breakdown report.

Noteworthy is that a dimension called “Site ID” has been available in our Taboola connector before. This dimension actually represents the field “Site” in Taboola and has now been renamed.
The newly added Site ID dimension corresponds to Site ID in the Taboola platform.

To get historical data for an already connected Taboola data source you need to reach out to and we'll help out. To find out more about our Taboola connector, check out the What data can I get from Taboola? knowledge base article.


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