The new baseline in marketing reporting

How to create a reporting solution that drives growth.


What’s it about?

Having the right marketing reports means being able to answer critical business questions. It also means being able to make the right decisions about how you spend your budget.

But it’s not easy. With all your campaigns and data scattered across tools, platforms and systems, it’s hard. Getting to the right reports can be tedious and intimidating.

Your reporting needs to be scalable and provide true value. It has to help you take action, learn, and improve your strategies.

Watch our webinar with Janus de Visser from Cloud Nine Digital. You’ll learn how to create a strong, data-driven marketing dashboard to drive growth.


What you’ll learn

  • Why centralized marketing reporting is the new standard
  • How to set the foundation of data for your marketing dashboards
  • Where to start to get most value
  • Q&A


Janus de Visser

As an experienced strategic Business Consultant, Janus leads teams of technical and digital specialists in data collection, management and use, to help businesses drive greater value from data daily.


Webinar minutes

  • 1:20 About Funnel
  • 2:07 What the audience asked about
  • 3:12 Why is marketing reporting so critical
  • 3:56 Current challenges marketers face with reporting
  • 5:48 The ambition with reporting
  • 8:52 What you should aim for
  • 11:13 KPI cheat sheet
  • 13:08 What we’re dealing with (that can make reporting a challenge)
  • 16:22 Setting a good foundation
  • 20:05 How to build the foundation
  • 26:09 To do list to start building reports
  • 29:25 Q&A