Effortless visualizations are here

With Funnel Dashboards, you can prove the value of your efforts more quickly and easily than ever before.


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ISO & SOC2 certified


Watch your data come to life

Funnel Dashboards give you all of the strength, speed, and reliability you crave to instantly showcase the value of your work to stakeholders.

Frictionless data exploration

Why wait for data to propagate when you can visualize it instantly? Funnel Dashboards give you robust visualization capabilities in a completely customizable package. Whether you need to provide high-level executive summaries or granular reporting on performance fluctuations, Funnel Dashboards can handle it all in a matters of clicks.

Frictionless data exploration-1

Swift and secure dashboards

Funnel Dashboards are built for high performance, even with extremely large data sets. This allows you to scale according to your organization’s needs while maintaining the strictest privacy and security standards.

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Chop, change, and customize

Build your dashboard to suit your specific needs and audiences — whatever and whoever they may be. Choose from your favorite graphs, tables, and score cards to tell the story of your success. You can easily drag and drop the modules to their ideal position for maximum impact.


Do it all, almost

While Funnel won’t give you x-ray vision (yet), our new Funnel Dashboards allow you to seamlessly see the big picture while exploring and tweaking your data model — all in a single place.

Do it almost

Visualize your data wherever you like

By visualizing your data, you can truly take a stance on how to do marketing analytics properly.
Funnel also supports other visualization tools, all to meet your needs and preferences.



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