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Christopher Van Mossevelde

head of content at Funnel. Chris has 18+ years of experience in marketing and communications.
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The 6-point list to do kickass marketing reporting

Funnel asked 1000+ digital marketers what they wanted to know about marketing reporting, and we have the answers. Here are common questions on most digital marketers' minds: How do I get a unified view of my marketing performance? Create an inve...
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The end of third-party cookies is near

Prepare your marketing for it! What's all this fuss over cookies? And why are third-party cookies going away? In this blog post, we'll answer those questions and more. Why all the fuss over third-party cookies? Because of third-party cookies, di...
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The essential 7-part series to mastering marketing data

Check out our 7-part series on "Mastering marketing data" to learn how to get the most out of your analytics and reporting. This is for digital marketers or anyone striving towards creating a truly data-driven organization! 1. The marketing data...
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