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An ipad and newspaper on a desk to represent the PESO framework

Using the PESO framework in digital marketing

At one time, the only way for companies to tap into their target audiences was by interrupting them with paid media channels like television advertise...

The 6-point list to do kickass marketing reporting

The questions digital marketers have about reporting (and the answers)

Funnel asked 1000+ digital marketers what they wanted to know about marketing reporting, and we have the answers. Keep reading if you want to know wha...

Are 3rd party cookies going away? The answer is 'Yes'

3d party cookies are going away. Prepare your marketing for it! What's all this fuss over cookies? And why are third-party cookies going away? In this...

The essential 7-part series to mastering marketing data

Check out our 7-part series on "Mastering marketing data" to learn how to get the most out of your analytics and reporting. This is for digital market...