5 inspiring marketing campaigns from 2024 (so far)

Published Jul 2 2024 4 minute read Last updated Jul 2 2024
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  • Leah Agar
    Written by Leah Agar

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A few marketing campaigns stand out every year, a feat not to be underestimated in today’s cutthroat business landscape — especially since consumers are bombarded with ads. 

Whether it’s on social channels, streaming sites or out on the street, marketers are always battling against ad fatigue. Constant exposure to ads can lead to the desensitization of marketing messages, so your team needs to get creative. 

Those who nail their campaigns are rewarded with greater brand awareness and loyalty, driving sustained long-term growth. However, that can be easier said than done, especially if you aren’t leveraging marketing data. 

So far, 2024 has seen some standout marketing campaigns. This article covers some of the best based on their impact and popularity, which we hope can inspire your own streak of creative genius. After all, with the right tools, insights and creative team, you can go viral, too. 

British Airways 

There are certain brands that are known around the globe, and British Airways is one of them. 

The company’s latest campaign lacks a website, logo, slogan,and call to action. Even its brand name is barely visible. So, it instantly had people talking about its true impact. Many industry leaders thought it was a stroke of genius, while others wondered if it was a missed opportunity. 

Image source: TheDrum.com

The overly-cropped images focus on the passengers, capturing the wonder on their faces as they look out an aircraft window from 35,000 feet above the ground. This campaign includes eleven images and relies heavily on brand recognition to tell its story. 

Why this campaign stands out: The latest British Airways campaign went against what most marketers typically do. Even though it was a bit risky, it paid off. There was no need for flashy headlines or in-your-face CTAs. The bold images spoke for themselves and reminded people that a household name can stand out discreetly while getting people talking. 


Comedy can be a winning recipe for success, and those who get it right can be highly influential. 

Specsavers had people across the UK talking earlier this year following their humor-driven ad, which many called brilliant. The team parked a Specsavers’ branded van with its backend suspended by a bollard (or traffic barriers). Beside it, a red warning sign read: CAUTION. AUTOMATIC BOLLARDS IN OPERATION. NO PARKING."

Image source: CampaignLive.com

People stopped to take and share pictures, helping the brand get a lot of attention online.

This latest ad is part of the brand’s bigger picture and an idea they have been developing for decades. The brand’s tagline (should’ve gone to Specsavers) is ingrained in millions of minds and showcases the power of effective marketing.

The ads focus heavily on that theme. If you can’t see properly, these are some of the painfully obvious things that can happen.

Why this campaign stands out: The truck stunt went viral because it was attention-grabbing. The marketing campaign leaned heavily on humor and the public’s familiarity with Specsavers’ famous tagline. It’s witty and fun, it made people smile and it's hard to knock that. 

Rhode Skin

The skincare essentials brand Rhode Skin nailed its recent campaign, creating a phone case that holds lip treatments and tints. The concept was so effective that it instantly went viral, spotlighting the brand, products and their ability to innovate. The marketing campaign is also a physical product sold on Rhode Skin’s website, helping the company drive brand awareness and sales. 

Image source: Rhode Skin

Beyond online users chatting about this campaign, other companies took notice and jumped on the Rhode Skin bandwagon. Heinz developed a similar concept as a joke, showcasing its ideal phone case, which holds a single packet of Heinz ketchup. This drove even more attention to the skincare brand, further fueling the campaign's effectiveness. 

Why this campaign stands out: Rhode Skin’s latest campaign was effective because it was so different, imaginative and creative. For those who love Rhode Skin’s lip products, it’s a great way to ensure it’s always on them. Plus, those customers became a walking billboard for the brand. 


Tinder leans on humor and human connection to drive its messaging. The popular dating app leverages human emotion to connect with its audience, creating mini-stories. The brand aims to showcase the possibilities of finding love (not just short-term hookups) using the tagline: it starts with a swipe.

The brand’s successful 2024 campaign was its first-ever global marketing attempt, inspired by the new generation of daters. Tinder wanted to highlight what’s possible, tying in an inclusive mentality reflecting different genders, orientations and multiculturalism.  

Comfy Silences - It Starts With a Swipe
Image source: Tinder

Why this campaign stands out: Tinder uses the art of storytelling to connect Tinder members to a world of possibilities and relationship milestones. The campaign is honest, authentic, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. The characters and interactions are relatable, which is why it is so impactful. 


Kellogg's has done an amazing job of using an everyday item, cereal, to connect with people in a meaningful way. The latest campaign focuses on women's empowerment, collaborating with Molly Baz, a best-selling cookbook author. 

Image source: Kellogg

The partnership is based on a new cereal box design, offering a platform to empower and inspire expectant mothers nationwide. Molly is the first pregnant woman to be featured on its cover, and to celebrate, the brand is donating $25,000 to the United Way to support stronger, healthier communities. The goal is to provide women and girls with access to nutritious food and mental health support. 

Why this campaign stands out: It is eye-catching and purposeful, drawing people in to learn more. Cereal is already a staple in the United States — something many relate to. However, this latest campaign adds another dimension to the brand, creating a narrative and emotional connection. It’s a unique angle that is captivating and humanizing. 

Why these campaigns went viral

The top marketing campaigns in 2024 were successful for different reasons. Some used humor, while others focused more on emotional appeal or a larger message.

Each campaign made sense for the brand launching it. However, all leveraged some primary factors that make ads go viral.

These variables can include:

  • Slogans, which was highly leveraged in the Specsavers campaign. Its tagline has helped boost brand awareness, supporting a viral campaign and a viral brand. 
  • Comedy is another great strategy — joy and happiness are most people's top emotions. If you can make people laugh, they are more likely to share your campaign. When reflecting on the above campaigns, Specsavers and Tinder used humor. 
  • A strategic marketing plan is critical to any viral campaign. Marketing teams need valid reasons for making critical decisions from start to finish, which is why data is so important throughout the process. All of the campaigns had a dedicated team that helped their concepts become a viral reality. 
  • Timing is another consideration when launching a campaign. As discussed above, British Airways' years of brand-building paved the way for the campaign's launch. The brand got the timing right for its unique strategy. Feminism and women's empowerment remain essential topics in 2024, which Kellogg's capitalized on. 
  • Creativity immediately sparks interest and captures an audience's attention, which was the case with all the above campaigns, especially Rhode Skin's phone case idea. The brand also leveraged captivating visuals, which is crucial alongside strong messaging.

This year and beyond, continue tracking some of the most successful campaigns and dissecting them to understand the logic behind each brand's strategy. Use that insight and your available marketing data to launch a campaign that's sure to get noticed. Good luck!

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